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Until recently, aesthetics and spa treatments have always been considered a purely female dominated pleasure. Today, men have joined women in the desire for pampering spa expeditions. The modern man is taking better care of himself, taking greater interest in his own appearance and personal well-being. Men and women are enjoying various health practices to feel better and more satisfied with themselves and their surroundings. In today’s chaotic, stressful world, fulfillment and balance are key in achieving a healthy, happy lifestyle.



• Heart/bronchial tube problems
• High blood pressure
• Kidney diseases
• Nerve diseases (e.g. epilepsy)
• Pregnancy
• Exposed wounds
• Pustules or cysts

The aforementioned conditions and diseases do not mean necessarily that you should not use the treatments of the Dermalife™ system, yet before doing that, the consent of a doctor is recommended. 


See Hydrofusion™ for more information.


Swedish Miracle Wrap
Redefine Your Silhouette...

This exceptional European treatment provides immediate slimming results by fluid and toxin elimination. The service starts with a complete full body skin exfoliation then the pressure wrap is applied to help naturally cleanse your body, while amino nutrients envelope and moisturize your skin. While you experience the effects of Swedish Miracle, you will relax in our luxurious Hydrofusion™ capsule Spa Oceana with radiant heat, LED Light, steam, aroma therapy and vibratory massage. Emerge from the spa and reveal the new you!

The Swedish Miracle Wrap System combines the finest natural ingredients from Northern Europe and the Egyptian art of pressure wrapping to tighten, contour and deeply cleanse the body.

Swedish Miracle provides you with the contours you desire! Just one treatment results in loss of 6 to 15 inches.


 Immediate Inch Loss
Speeds Up Metabolism
Redefines the Silhouette
Eliminates Toxins

How the Swedish Miracle Body Wrap System Works:

The Swedish Miracle System is safe and effective process, cleans clogged tissues allowing the body's natural elastin to firm up and help hold the new contours shaped by the pressure wraps. Understanding the development of toxicity and cellulite will help make the concept very clear.

Toxic accumulation is mainly due to one's lifestyle and common stresses including, smoking, illness, improper diet, lack of exercise and sleep. Toxins are stored in the fluids between fat cells when the skin and lymphatic system (the body's natural filtration system) becomes overloaded. These toxic deposits slow down skin's ability to eliminate waste and inhibit the elastic fibers in the tissue from holding and maintaining a smooth and firm shape. When fat begins to break down such as during weight loss, large amounts of toxins are released and absorbed into the remaining fat tissue layers. Therefore, if your lymphatic system is not functioning properly you could lose weight but your tissue could appear even worse due to the toxins dispersing into other areas.

Swedish Miracle helps eliminate this problem of toxic build up by detoxifying the tissue and retraining the lymphatic system. A series of wraps is required to achieve the maximum inch loss and redefinition of the silhouette.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Wraps:

Q. How Many Inches Will I Lose?

A. Depending on each individual's unique body type and composition (proportion of soft tissue to muscle mass.), most clients average a 6 to 20 overall inch loss on their first wrap, and about half as much on their second and third wraps.

Q. How Long Will My Inch Loss Last?

A. Although a portion of your inch loss results from compression, the majority of inch loss is caused by the elimination of built up toxins in your body and the increase in cellular metabolism. As you continue to drink lots of water, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and continue your body wrap program, your inch loss will continue to stay off!

Q. Does the Swedish Miracle Program Include Dieting?

A. No dieting is required for inch-loss, but the Swedish Miracle Program is the perfect compliment to any diet or weight loss program. Weight loss typically results in loose and sagging skin, which can be easily remedied by the firming and tightening benefits of a Swedish Miracle Body Wrap.

Q. How Long Does a Swedish Miracle Body Wrap Take?

A. Body wrap sessions are typically about 2 hours long. The client consultation, measuring, masking and wrapping takes about 35 minutes another 60 is spent in the Spa Oceana, and the balance of time is spent unwrapping, re-measuring, and dressing.

Q. How Often Can I Get a Body Wrap?

A. The Swedish Miracle Wrap is a totally safe and effective process. For maximum inch loss results, we have found that a series of 6 wraps, at least 3 days apart, along with monthly maintenance wraps will give most clients the greatest results.